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19 15:15 Vice Chancellor Thomas Helbling goes over all of the Federal Council decisions with his team. The de- cisions resulting from the meeting are edited, finalised and then signed, page after page, by Mr Helbling. Once he has signed the decisions, they are binding and are sent back to the lead departments. The Federal Council has ordered bank accounts to be frozen The team is busy handling one particular item of busi- ness. The Federal Council has ordered the freezing of Swiss bank accounts possibly belonging to the former foreign head of state. The corresponding ordinances have to be published online in the Official Compila- tion of Federal Legislation as soon as possible, as only then do they come into force. The Official Publications Centre is responsible for publishing the ordinances. Specialists from the Federal Department of Foreign ­Affairs (FDFA) and the Federal Department of Finance (FDF) are instructed to notify the banks of the critical Federal Council decision. 15:30 Federal Council Spokesman Simonazzi is also still busy dealing with the same item of business. He had notified the journalists at the official press conference that he would get back to them with more information later in the day. After announcing the Federal Council decision, he is bombarded with questions. ‘How many millions are we talking about?’ ‘Are there billions in- volved?’ ‘Was this decision reached in agreement with the EU?’ 16:00 Following the press conference, the Federal Council Spokesman hurries off to the von-Wattenwyl House in the lower part of the old town to attend today’s special Federal Council meeting. Official Publications Centre (OPC) The Official Publications Centre (OPC) supports and advises the federal offices in processing items of business which need to be published in the Federal Gazette or in the Official Compilation. The OPC prepares dispatches, reports and legislative texts for electronic and conventional publication. Similar to the proofreading stage at a publishers, the OPC ensures that official publications comply with a uniform layout and conducts a final check of the texts. KAV Bereich Bundesrat Organisation der Bundeskanzlei Die Bundeskanzlei Popular site Almost no other federal administration website is accessed as often as the Classified Compilation SR. Thousands upon thousands of legal experts use this essential tool on a daily basis. Every act and every ordinance in the Classified Compilation is kept up to date. The SR is maintained by the Official Publica- tions Centre. Classified Compilation Legislation Documentation