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17 14:00 André Simonazzi welcomes the journalists and briefly describes how the Federal Council meeting went. He answers journalists’ questions in the language of the person asking the question: ‘Yes, the Federal Council did discuss the Europe dossier.’ ‘Yes, measures were also discussed in the case of the former foreign head of state,’ more detailed information will be provided later. Following the questions, he gives the floor to the Federal Councillor, who presents the decisions taken by the Fed- eral Council regarding her department’s key dossier. Clearly defined order 14:45 The official press conference has ended, and the Federal Councillor is now available for individual in- terviews with journalists. The order is clearly defined, beginning with radio then television; first statements in the Federal Councillor’s mother tongue, then in other languages. 15:00 The Federal Chancellor and both Vice Chancel- lors conduct debriefings with their staff. The Federal Council meeting needs to be followed meticulously. This includes updating the electronic database with Federal Council business and notifying parliament in writing of the decisions. Bestseller published by the million Before a popular vote is held, the 5.5 million voters in Switzerland receive a pamphlet setting out the issues being voted on in a concise and easily understand- able manner. The red booklet is drawn up under the guidance of the Federal Chancellery. Before the National Council elections, the Federal Chancellery sends all eligible voters a guide on how to vote. ‘The Swiss Confederation – a brief guide’, which explains aspects of the Swiss political system, has also become a bestseller in recent years.