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13 After the meeting, only one voice will be heard anyway, namely that of the collegial body in unison. This means that all of the Federal Councillors will be singing from the same hymn sheet when explaining a decision in pub- lic. 10:30 The Federal Council then proceeds to work its way through the items of business on the orange and blue lists. These decisions can be made in a matter of minutes. It is possible to make rapid progress thanks to the written preliminary proceedings. The Federal ­Council should be free during the meeting to focus on complex items of business. For each decision taken by the cabinet, Vice Chancel- lor André Simonazzi, in his capacity as Federal Council Spokesman, needs to check whether the pre-prepared press releases reflect the decisions taken. If this is the case, the relevant documents are distributed for journal- ists in the media centre and published online. Vice Chancellor Thomas Helbling finalises the minutes of the decisions taken. He also checks regularly to en- sure that decisions on items of business are in line with the lead department’s recommendation. 2500 items of business each year 11:30 The meeting is drawing to a close. The Federal Council is scheduled to hold a special meeting in the von-Wattenwyl House in the afternoon. The Federal Council will tackle matters of particular importance during the afternoon meeting, putting day-to-day busi- ness aside to focus on long-term policy. Federal Council meetings generally last between three and six hours. Around 2500 items of business are dealt with each year. Long-term policy Federal Council policy is part of a planning process: annual objectives are defined on the basis of the four- year legislative programme. In the annual report, the Federal Council provides an account of the results achieved for parliament. The Federal Chancellery manages the planning processes in collaboration with the deparments. The Federal Chancellery also coor- dinates long-term projections. These are outlined in the ‘Outlook 2025’ report, which assesses challenges that may face Switzerland in the next 10 to 15 years. Politische Planung Themen Challenges Publications Documentation A video about Lohn mansion, the Federal Council’s country residence -> Standard Definition -> High Definition