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5 TUESDAY It is difficult to say precisely when the ‘political’ week begins. For many, it probably starts on Sunday with the headlines in the Sunday newspapers. For the Federal Chancellery, Tuesday is when things really get going, with the final preparations for the Federal Council meet- ing that takes place on Wednesday*. 10:00 The Federal Chancellor returns to the west wing of the Federal Palace from a public appearance at a uni- versity of applied sciences, where she presented a paper on the development of vote électronique, Switzerland’s e-voting system. The Federal Chancellor is running late. Federal Council meetings are at the top of her list of priorities, but there is another important appointment. An initiative com- mittee is on its way from the Bundesplatz to the Federal Chancellery. The committee is accompanied by photog- raphers and media representatives who will document the moment when the committee hands over to the Fed- eral Chancellery the 100 000 signatures required to sub- mit its popular initiative. The Federal Chancellor will receive a delegation in her office following the media event. Several items set to cause a stir 11:30 Vice Chancellor and Federal Council ­Spokesman André Simonazzi joins the daily conference call be- tween the information services of all seven depart- ments and the Federal Chancellery. They are currently ­discussing the dossiers for tomorrow’s meeting likely to meet with media interest and possible variants of the government’s official line. Everyone is calm and com- posed even though they know that several items on the agenda are likely to cause a stir among the media. * Federal Council meetings take place on Fridays when parliament is in session. Popular inititives The Federal Chancel- lery examines popular initiatives to make sure they meet all formal criteria; it advises and assists initiative and referendum committees, receives popular initia- tives and referendums and ensures that a suf- ficient number of valid signatures has been submitted. Vote électronique Vote électronique is an e-voting system which allows voters to cast their votes via internet. Various cantons already offer this new option to Swiss living abroad. The Federal Chancellery coordinates e-voting at federal level. Volksinitiativen Politische Rechte Themen Vote électronique Politische Rechte Themen Further information in the official languages (DE, FR, IT) can be found by following the navigation bars as shown above. Only limited con­tent is available in English.