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ABC der politischen Rechte

144 party party vote person eligible to vote person eligible to vote in elections personal vote petition plurality political domicile political party political rights polling calendar polling card popular ballot popular decision popular election popular initiative popular initiative with a direct counter-proposal popular majority popular referendum popular request popular vote postal voting President of the Confederation President of the Swiss Confederation proposal submitted to the People proposal submitted to the vote of the People Q qualified majority R referendum referendum on a state treaty referendum on federal matters referendum requested by the cantons relative majority replacement candidate report from the polling station report on the vote representative democracy right to be elected right to elect right to participate in elections right to vote (1) right to vote (2) right to vote in elections round of voting run-off vote S separation of powers signature collection signature list simple majority sovereign splitting the vote substitute substitute candidate supermajority supplementary election Swiss Federal Constitution Swiss Federal Supreme Court T tacit election teller term of office the People (1) the People (2) turnout two chamber system U uncompleted ballot paper United Chambers of the Federal