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ABC der politischen Rechte

142 Interactive English Index Click on the terms to access the corresponding entries. A absolute majority accumulating additional vote advance voting allocation of mandates allocation of seats allotment of mandates allotment of seats B ballot ballot box ballot envelope ballot paper (1) ballot paper (2) basic right bicameral system blank ballot paper by-election C candidate candidate list candidate vote certificate of eligibility to vote collection of signatures competitive democracy consociational democracy constitutional referendum Council of States CS Cst. D deciding question decision of the People deletion direct counter-proposal direct democracy direct election double yes vote E e-voting (1) e-voting (2) election election based on a system of proportional representation election based on proportional representation election based on the first-past-the-post system election based on the simple majority system election by the People election to the Council of States election to the National Council election year electoral and voting freedom electoral commune electoral list electoral procedure electoral register electoral roll electoral system electorate (1) electorate (2) electronic ballot paper electronic voting eligibility for election eligible voter (1) eligible voter (2) elimination vote executive power exercising the right to vote explanation from the Federal Council